A Day for Celebration and Happiness – Mother’s Day in South Africa

Like many other countries across the globe, South Africans love to celebrate Mother’s Day. It’s celebrated on the second Sunday in May, every year, and is a way of acknowledging the importance of motherhood. Kids, both young and old, use the day as an opportunity to thank their moms for all that they do, and treat them with gifts and thoughtful gestures. And it’s not just mothers who are given the red carpet treatment. Grandmothers, stepmoms, foster moms, and women who are just like a mother, all should feel like a queen for the day.

The gift of your love will always be welcome, but what can you give besides?

Presents for Mother’s Day in South Africa

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Jewelry Set Sets


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Top rated Mother’s Day gifts she’ll actually like

There are just a couple of traditions associated with Mother’s Day in South Africa. One of them is to give mothers a gift. The other involves a certain flower. Carnations are the most traditional Mother’s Day flower of all. Pink to represent love for your mother. And a white one is worn in respect of mothers who are no longer living. However, all kinds of flowers are given on Mothers Day, including roses dipped in gold.

Flowers, chocolates and jewellery are very traditional Mother’s Day gifts in South Africa and across the world. But we’ve been doing some research and come up with some more inspiring ideas.

Would she like to learn something new?bird-of-paradise-flower mothers day
Is there something your mum has been yearning to learn? Would she enjoy learning how to wield a paintbrush and create breathtaking works of art? A few art classes might be just the thing. A professional artist will teach her how to draw and paint, as well as be an inspiration. Perhaps she’d prefer a coffee making workshop. If coffee is the lifeblood of her working day give her the opportunity to learn how to make the best espresso, the history of coffee, and brew up a storm with a magnificent latte.

Working out but in a relaxing way
Yoga is a great idea for the mum who cares about her fitness. Any kind of workout is good, but yoga is also very relaxing. There may be classes running in her town or city, or you could book her personalised sessions with a professional. Whatever age she might be, yoga will help her get fitter, healthier, and happier. In a relaxed and stress-free way.

A one of a kind gift
There are plenty of online gift sites, if you’re looking for a gift that’s a little different. Maybe even quirky. The world is your oyster when you do your Mother’s Day gift shopping online. If you’d prefer your Mother’s Day gift came from South Africa you’ve still got heaps of choices.

This is really a small selection of gifts for mothers in South Africa. There are far too many to feature on one page. Take some time and read of some of the other pages, and you’ll be armed with all you need to make an informed choice. How about we give you some more ideas of what you can do on Mother’s Day?

What to do with your mom on Mother’s Day

south africa giftsShow her you care is at the very top of the list. And there may be a number of things that she’s partial to It could be a day of pampering, a spot of fun outdoors, or to sit down and taste the finest food and wine. One or all of these could be just what she needs to make her feel special.

The gift of an experience will be a great treat for mom
There are experiences to suit every taste and pocket, and options for both young and old. What sort of experience do you think your mom will appreciate? Hopefully she’ll ask you to come along as well. Here are a few examples of what’s on offer.

  • Flying experiences – Would she love to get up and away? There are a great range of flying experiences that will get her up in the air. A peaceful hot air balloon ride, a bit more adventure in a stunt plane, or a hands on flying experience, if you think she’s got the nerve.
  • Driving experiences – She can enjoy a blast in a supercar, test her off-road prowess in a 4×4, or race a Lamborghini on a racing circuit.
  • Boating experiences – Would she like to be a captain of the seas? Or does she fancy herself a bit of a pirate? Maybe kayaking or shooting the rapids is more her thing.
  • Adventure experiences – Appeal to your mom’s sense of adventure with a gift that will get her adrenalin flowing. Abseiling and kloofing, bungee and big swing experiences, rock climbing, scuba diving, or perhaps she’s enjoy swimming with sharks.

Wherever you live in the world, spend some time considering your Mother’s Day gift. Put thought into picking the right one for her and she’ll love you for ever. Not that she doesn’t anyway.