What NOT to buy mum for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is the one day of the year where you want your mother to know how grateful you are that she’s your mum. To thank her for all her care, support and assistance in your life. Mother’s Day is a day to honour your mother, yet one in three mother’s say they have to pretend to like the gift they have received. Put some thought into finding a gift that sincerely thanks your mum for looking out for you and devoting her time to you.
There are a lot of traditional gift ideas to consider for your well-deserving mother this Mother’s Day, but the focus here is on what NOT to buy for your mum. Whilst we may have the best of intentions, there are some gifts that are just not appropriate for Mother’s Day gifts.
wrong way gifts

The Workout DVD

Giving your mum the latest fitness DVD or a cookery book of diet recipes, even if it is her favourite celebrity chef, is not a good idea. You’re telling your Mum that she’s less than perfect if you’re implying that her body needs a make-over. Mother’s Day is a day to make her feel special so if you want her to physically feel better, opt for a massage, manicure, facial or pamper package at a local spa.

The Kitchen Appliance

Why would you want to buy a new ironing board, spatula or apron for Mother’s Day? It’s not in your best interests to do so, believe us when we say this. Mother’s Day is the one day in the year she shouldn’t be thinking about the kitchen and chores. Our advice is to take her out for a meal instead. Mother’s Day bookings go fast, so plan ahead. Another option is to buy her something new to wear, that doesn’t need ironing.

A vacuum cleaner

You may think the award-winning, hi-tech, smart-looking and expensive vacuum cleaner is a great present for your mum as it will free up time for her to spend on her hobbies and interests. However, you’re basically saying ‘here’s something to make your job easier’ which won’t make mum feel special.
You may also think that pink floor-cleaning slippers are a good jokey present. They are not. A gift voucher for a pedicure and foot massage is likely to be better received.

Miracle skin creams

Whilst your intentions may be virtuous when you look at the miracle skin creams that promise to smooth wrinkles, remove spots and reduce cellulite, there is never a good time to suggest your Mum needs to make some improvements when it comes to her appearance, least of all Mother’s Day. Instead, organise a photo-shoot to show you love your mum with her laughter lines.

The Thrill-seekers Experience

You mum may want to take a spin around Brand’s Hatch or bungee jump off the highest tower in the land, but first be honest that this isn’t more of a present for you than your mum. There are so many gift experience ideas that you are bound to find something that you know she’ll love.

Hug Coupons

The idea of a hug coupon can work with kids, particularly teenagers, but your mum should get a hug whatever day in the year it is. It’s also a rather lazy and last-minute gift idea. So, scrap the coupon and give your mum a hug when you hand over her real gift.

An e-card

Sent as a last-minute gift in a lot of instances, an e-card shows your mum just how little time or thought you gave to it being Mother’s Day. Allow time for a trip to the shops to buy a card or write a letter from the heart letting your mum know just how much she means to you.

Glittery handmade cards

Glittery handmade cards are lovely and sentimental and your mum will appreciate the effort made, but they create more work for her than anyone else. Loose glitter doesn’t seem so shiny when it lingers in the carpet for weeks afterwards.

A new pet

Think twice before you surprise your mother with a new puppy, kitten or canary. Who’s going to feed it? Walk it? Train it? If you’re expecting your mother to do this then don’t buy this gift as it’s another responsibility that your mum may not want. If she does want a pet, join her on a visit to the animal rescue centre and help her choose her new animal companion.


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