Mother’s Day Gifts

All mum’s love a home-made Mother’s Day card (without glitter please) from their young children inscribed with words that say how much she means to them. A hand written letter from older children sharing love and gratitude are also treasured even if you’re a nonagenarian with a little box full of 70+ Mother’s Day missives. Sending an e-card for Mother’s Day may be perceived as last-minute and lacking in thought. Make an effort and go to the store to choose an appropriate card at the very least.

Spend time together

As adults our lives are so busy with work and our own family responsibilities so that it is sometimes difficult to find time to see our own mothers on Mother’s Day. Yet time is the biggest gift that we can give our mums. She will love you for putting in the time and effort to visit. Perhaps invite your mother to stay with you for Mother’s Day and go out for a meal together.

Top 10 luxury gifts

mothers day giftsIt’s not always easy to find the right gift for your mother on Mother’s Day. Here are some ideas to help, all of which are luxuries that your mother might not justify buying for herself:

  • 1. Scented candles are an ongoing reminder of how much you love your mum. Choose her favourite scent that she can enjoy whilst she’s having a long, hot soak in the bath or choose a more unusual combination of scents such as tuberose and sandalwood.
  • 2. Travel guide books. Whether your mother is planning on taking a trip or not, there are some beautiful travel guides that she can read and enjoy from the comfort of her own home. This is a lovely present for a lady who has travelled in the past, but may not be able to do so know. It’s a great opportunity for her to reminisce and for you to find out more about her travelling experiences.
  • 3. Leather notebook. Mothers always seem to be writing something down, so give your mother a classy leather notebook for her to put all her thoughts.
  • 4. A box of her favourite beauty brands. Treat your mother to a selection of her favourite beauty brands, particularly those that you know she doesn’t justify buying for herself too often because of the cost.
  • 5. Jewellery is a perennial favourite for Mother’s day. Choose a style and a colour that you know she will wear. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend and are likely to be a big surprise when your mother opens the gift box.
  • 6. Take your mum out shopping for a new item of clothing. Let her know your budget and help her choose an item that she might not consider trying before. Incorporate coffee and lunch into your day so that you have a chance for a chat and a catch-up. She’ll not only go home with a gift to draw compliments, she’ll have a lovely memories of the time you spent together.
  • 7. There are few women who don’t like chocolate. Just make sure you buy the best quality chocolate that you know your mother will enjoy, or try chocolates with champagne and strawberry filling for a treat.
  • 8. A coffee table book of designs from the world’s best clothes designers, architects or perhaps her favourite artist will be sure to entertain and have an ongoing appeal. There is always something to learn.
  • 9. If your mum likes a lipstick, you’ll know you can never have too many. Help her choose a colour when you’re out shopping together. Many lipsticks are now infused with vitamins that help the skin, so she’ll look and feel great.
  • 10. Summer footwear is a great idea for Mother’s Day as you look towards the warmer days that have just begun. She’ll be ready to show her toes when the sun shines thanks to you.


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