Mom’s Love a Handmade Mother’s Day Gift Made by Their Kids

Mom’s always feel special when they receive a handmade gift from their kids. If you’re a dad who’s struggling to come up with some creative and easy things for your kids to make keep reading. If they are old enough to attend the local school or nursery it’s very likely they’ll be bringing a gift home, but there are never too many homemade gifts a mom can receive.

All you Dad’s may be starting to cringe, with the thought of all the glue, paper, card, glitter and other spangly decorations that will be flying around. But trust us when we say mom will really be touched by the time and effort you and the kids have put into her gift.

You might need to make a trip to your local craft store for some special supplies, but many of the gifts can be made with stuff found in your home.

Gifts from kids for their mothers

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Don’t fret about sticky fingers when making Mother’s Day gifts from the kids

You’re going to need some patience if this is the first time you’ve attempted something crafty, as it involves your kids. Their enthusiasm will be boundless, so you’ll have to set some ground rules, or the room you’ve chosen for your crafty endeavors will soon give the game away. Sticky fingers on the table, paint stains on the couch, glitter appearing from every possible container. Try and pick a time when mom is out of the house for a few hours, as you won’t want to spoil the surprise.

  • Printed cards – Pick a piece of colorful card and decorate it with printed heart shapes. There are plenty of things you can use for a stamp, even the humble potato. Another option is to use washable tempera paint, and make patterns in it using Q-tips. Press a card into the paint and there will be a perfect print of the design.
  • Homemade vase – Of course you’re going to be buying a bouquet of flowers for your wife on Mother’s Day, so get the kids to make the perfect flower container. You’ll need a glass container, but you’ve probably got an empty one lurking around. It doesn’t matter about the size, as long as the blooms will fit without falling out. Send the kids out in the garden to gather up some twigs. Then you can jump in with your glue gun in its holster and stick them around the outside of the glass. Add your bouquet and mom is sure to be impressed.
  • A handmade bookmark – If mom is an avid reader she’s sure to appreciate the gift of a personalized bookmark. Pop to the local photo booth and squeeze inside with the kids for a fun family shot. Stick to a piece of colored card and on the back write a meaningful message. Add a piece of bright colored ribbon and you got a great kids gift for Mother’s Day.
  • Painted flower pots – Is mom a keen gardener? Does she have flowers growing on all your windowsills? Make some painted flowers pots for the kids Mother’s Day gift. You can choose peat pots for decorating or ceramic if you want your kids gift to last more than a couple of months. Add some bright and cheerful flowers and your mom will be smiling until next Mother’s Day.
  • Clay pendant – Polymer clay is a great medium for making unique pendants. Let your kids use their imaginations and make whatever shape they want. If they need some help suggest they make hearts. They’ll not only have fun making the shapes by molding and shaping it as much as they want before their gift is baked.kid painting
  • Make some cookies – Get out the apron and be ready to get covered in flour. Making cookies is actually easier than you think, and there are plenty of recipe variations to choose from. Just type ‘cookies you can make with the kids’ into the search bar, and you’ll be truly amazed at how many there are.
  • A box of love – Get a matchbox, empty the matches, and gather some decorations. Allow the kids to decorate it however they want, and make sure they fill it with their own brand of love. A kiss from each of them to be sealed forever in a special Mother’s Day love box.
  • Homemade stepping stones – We thought this idea was really inspiring, and some of us here at are taking it home to try out for Mother’s Day. You’ll need some empty cereal boxes for the frame, quick dry cement and whatever decoration you think mom will fall in love with. Colorful pebbles, shells, marbles, buttons, or rocks can make sweet decorations. Once your kids have finished decorating all you need to do is wait for the cement to dry and then remove the cardboard boxes.
  • A painting made from finger or handprints – Make a picture using individual fingerprints or hand prints, and maybe use a different color for each child. Providing you’ve got more than one of course. Then all you need to do is find a complimentary frame.
  • handmade flower gift for motherPaper flowers – Flowers are always a popular favorite with moms, but they have a tendency to fade. Gold dipped flowers are not in the kids budget. A far more affordable gift would be paper flowers they can make at home. This is another chance if doing some investigation online, as there are lots of ways you can make flowers out of paper.
  • A bracelet made of beads – This is a very simple, yet effective Mother’s Day gift from the kids. There are a huge number of different types of beads. Take your kids along to the local craft store and pick out mom’s favorite colors, shapes, and designs. When you get home spread all the supplies on the table and get your kids threading.
  • What we love about mom – You can choose to make this gift in the form of a book, or a large collage to be placed on the wall. Whichever you choose find some special family photos, and get the kids to write mom some special messages. Let them choose the words that say why and how much they love her. This handmade gift is sure to bring a tear to her eye. And not one of sadness either. Her tears will be filled with joy.

Above all remember to have fun making Mother’s Day gifts with the kids. Whatever the end result you can be sure mom will be bowled over by your combined efforts. Her heart will swell with pride and she’ll keep such special gifts forever.