How to Stay Safe When Shopping for Mother’s Day Gifts Online

Shopping online for Mother’s Day gifts is an option you’d be stupid to miss. However, there are a few things you should bear in mind when online gift shopping. The daily newspapers are filled with plenty of stories of compromised information, and stolen financial details, some of which will keep you awake at night. However, it’s too good a tool to turn your back on. Instead learn how to stay safe when online gift shopping for Mother’s Day gifts, and your gift buying will be easy and much less stressful.

Shopping and banking online has become extremely popular. Online shopping has become so easy, and there are so many incentives offered by online stores we’d be mad not to take advantage of such incredible service. Pages and pages of suitable gifts, including gold dipped roses, are there at your fingertips, 24 hours a day.

The Best Mother’s Day Gifts Online

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Jewelry Set Sets


  • Includes a real glazed rose, trimmed with 24k gold
  • Combined with pendant and earrings from natural rose petals
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And you don’t have to fret about trudging from high street store to high street store, and returning home with just a pair of sore feet to show for your efforts. You can choose gifts from anywhere in the world, and have them delivered to your door, or the home of the recipient. Often on the same day.

You might feel safe sat in your armchair, but there are some simple steps to follow, before splashing the cash. And some points to bear in mind after your order has been made.

Staying safe while shopping for Mother’s Day gifts is basic common sense

We’re not meaning to insult all our readers, by saying staying safe is common sense. On the contrary, we fully appreciate how IT savvy you may have become. However, it’s very easy to get lulled into a false sense of security and become slapdash in your online shopping endeavours. Keep reading for a few simple steps we’d advise you to follow. Protect your personal details, and stay clear of online ID fraud.

  • Gut instincts are often a reliable measure – Imagine yourself walking down the High Street. You come across a store that looks a little shady. When you peer through the store window a bad feeling rises up from the pit of your stomach. Do you go in and consider spending your money there? Hopefully the answer is probably not. It’s no different when you’re shopping for Mother’s Day gifts online. If there comes a time when you feel suspicious about the level of personal information you’re being asked to provide, delete the transaction and leave the site. It might be the deal of a lifetime, but better to quit than risk losing money and time, should someone get a hold of your credit card details. An abundance of pop-ups, outdated design or a weird address should prompt you to leave well alone. Most good antivirus software programs will warn you of unscrupulous sites, and advise you to steer clear.
  • Extra caution is required when shopping on a mobile device – Many of you will choose to do your online shopping when on the move, using a mobile device such as a smartphone. And we wouldn’t blame you as most of the latest smartphones have enough operating power to run a small country. But that doesn’t mean you’re as protected as you might think. It’s fairly easy for criminals to get malware onto your mobile device, as they tend not to be as protected as your PC at home. It’s also easy to be tricked into visiting a dodgy site, because the URLs are shortened, and it becomes difficult to tell whether the site is secure and trustworthy. And if your phone gets stolen there is the risk of stored information being accessed. So make sure it is password protected.
  • beautiful platinum rose

  • Don’t shop using public Wi-Fi – Be aware that a public network won’t use encryption to protect your data. Therefore you’re leaving yourself open to hackers. All they need to do is be in the same location and use the same network. And all your precious data is there to be plucked out of the air. If you’re using a Wi-Fi hotspot the same applies. So wait until you get home to finish your shopping.
  • Check your statements – Paying for goods using your credit card is the smartest way to shop online.The credit card companies are obliged to refund any fraudulent charges. However, you will need to carefully check your credit card statements in order to pick up on the mistakes.
  • Consider a virtual credit card number – These are temporary credit card that many banks now offer. As well as a number of other companies. This type of payment method means you can shop online without revealing any of your personal details.
  • mothers day presents onlineIt’s a pain, but change your passwords regularly – A good tip is to mix up your account passwords every three to six months. And don’t have the same password for all your accounts. And yes we’ve all been there, because there’s nothing more frustrating than forgetting a password, so why not keep them all the same.
  • HTTPS as opposed to HTTP – The extra S means your information is secure. Basically, the information is encrypted, which means only the intended recipient can see it. Something else to look for is a closed lock or unbroken key at the bottom of the page.
  • Don’t click on links sent in an email – It will be much safer to type the address into your browser yourself. The email might seem legitimate, in that it’s from a bank, online store, or another name you trust. But it could be a phishing scam, and you’ll be sent to a fake site where your information will be stolen.
  • Does the company have a privacy policy? – Make sure you read it as it will state exactly what they intend to do with your information. How many times have you skipped this part of the site and ticked a box to say you’ve read it? We’d advise you to spend the time reading this because you want to be sure your information won’t be sold to any third parties. As well as knowing it will be encrypted and secure.
  • Keep up with updates – Your browser software will sometimes offer you the option of an update. Take it because there will also be a boost in security. The same applies to updates for your operating system and antivirus software.

Safe shopping everyone.