Tips on Getting a Blooming Good Mother’s Day Gift for Your Mom

If you’re thinking of getting your mom a bunch of flowers for Mother’s Day you’ll be joining millions of others with the same idea. Wherever in the world you might be located. Flowers are very popular gifts with the ladies, and you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes time to hand over your cash. So what is the best way to go about choosing? And are there any pitfalls to avoid?

Keep reading for a list of top tips, when it comes to picking your Mother’s Day flowers.

How to pick the perfect Mother’s Day flowers

How many times have you bought your mom a bouquet of flowers? If you say never, then shame on you. It’s time to change your gifts for the better.

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If you say you’ve given her flowers on a number of occasions, but always seem to fall short of the mark, then don’t panic. Because we’ll help make this coming Mother’s Day different. Take heed of the following advice and follow our tips for the best Mother’s Day gift ever.

  • Think about where the flowers will be displayed – Where does your mom usually display her flowers? Choose colors that will compliment the decor. There are a number of flowers that come in a range of colors such as roses, tulips, orchids, lilies, and chrysanthemums.
  • Take care with flower combinations – There are a few spring flowers, for example narcissi, hyacinths, and daffodils, that release a sap not all other flowers will like. Some flowers react badly when displayed together.
  • Big or small – It really depends on the size and shape of the vase they’ll be displayed in. Too tall and they’ll be falling over and breaking. Too short and they’ll feel like they’re drowning. A general rule of thumb is 1/3 vase, 2/3 height of the flower.
  • Flowers can a nightmare for allergy sufferers – If your mom is a hayfever sufferer pick blooms without any visible pollen, for example roses, or carnations.
  • Be creative with your flower container – Pretty much any container can be used as a flower container. Beer or wine bottles, metals jugs, or jars, all make great containers for cut flowers. You might want to add a little decoration, and be sure to rinse them clean before use.
  • Avoid direct sunlight – We’ll be the first to admit that fresh flowers look great on a windowsill, but being in direct sunlight is not the best place for your Mother’s Day flowers. Next to a radiator or open fire is another place to avoid. An often forgotten place is the hallway, where it’s often shady. And a bouquet of flowers will certainly light up such a space.
  • Keep them fed and watered – Keep an eye on the level of water, as some flowers are very thirsty. And using the food that’s been provided will help the flowers stay fresh for longer, flowers bouquetbecause it will be getting all the nutrients and minerals it needs.
  • Can wilted blooms be revived? – Some can, and for some the only answer is to to head for the compost bin. A common misconception is that roses and gerberas, for example, can be brought back to life by pricking their necks with a pin. This actually does more harm than good, as it creates a wound where bacteria can enter and cause even more damage. However, roses can sometimes be revived by wrapping them in paper, keeping their heads level and tightly together, while keeping the necks straight. Make an angled cut of the stems, preferably under water.
  • Gold dipped roses – A great alternative to a living rose, is one that has been dipped in gold to preserve its beauty.
  • Lilies have a hidden side to their beauty – One that will leave a nasty stain on clothing and furnishings. The beauty of a lily is unquestionable, but they should be displayed where there is no danger of people brushing past, or of the flowers dropping onto furnishings, and the pollen staining. Use sticky tape to remove the pollen grains, if you are unfortunate enough to get it on your clothes or favorite sofa.

Once you’ve given your mom her bouquet for Mother’s Day, why don’t you surprise her and help ensure the flowers stay looking fresh as a daisy for as long as possible?

Tips on caring for cut flowers

Flowers are a glorious gift to give your mom on Mother’s Day, but the best will in the world won’t ensure they stay beautiful for much more than a couple of days. However, there are things that can be done to prolong their glory for a little longer. Keep the following tips in mind and help make the love behind your gift be better sustained.

  • flowers for mothers dayIf there is any foliage below the waterline it should be removed. Otherwise it will rot and cause bacteria to attack the flower and make it wilt quicker.
  • Cut off the end of the stems, leaving at least six inches.
  • When the water is changed add a drop of bleach, as it will ensure no bacteria starts growing
  • Take a course in dry flower arranging, or do some research online, and preserve the bouquet for years by drying it in a cool, dark and dry place. Tied together with a rubber band. It may well take a couple of weeks for the drying process to finish, but once dry give the fried flowers a coat of hairspray to preserve their shape, and then get arranging.

If you want to give your mom flowers for Mother’s Day you can do your shopping online, or take a trip to your local florist. You can pick her favorite color, flowers, or choose a scent that evoked a special memory. Flower arrangements can even be delivered on the same day you place your order. But you will usually have to place the order before midday. Flowers can therefore make a great last minute Mother’s Day gift. And you shouldn’t have to worry about making a last minute dash to the supermarket.