First Mother’s Day

A woman’s first Mother’s Day is a day for her to be joyful and proud to have brought a new baby into the world. She will also be exhausted. So, for her first Mother’s Day the baby’s father, other close relatives and friends can arrange celebrations for the new mother.
mom and babyPamper mum with flowers, cards and a gift to thank her for being a great mum. This is time for the new mother to be given a days rest to look after themselves and for dad’s to take responsibility for looking after the child, including feeding and the changing of nappies.
Here are some other ideas for the first Mother’s Day:

Say Thank You to your own Mother

Now you have a baby of your own it’s likely that you are beginning to realise the value of your own mother. You’re beginning to know the challenges and sacrifice your own mother has made for you in your lifetime to make sure you have been cared for, guided and supported.

Create a gift box

Create a package to include any treat your new mum will enjoy. Don’t include necessities, but look for treats like her favourite drink, hand cream and chocolates. Perhaps a gift box of her favourite bath oils, face mask and scented candles so that mother can have a relaxed, uninterrupted soak in the bath, with soft music playing and a glass of wine if she likes.

Personalised hand or foot-print

Surprise mum with a print of the baby’s hand or foot in modelling clay. Alternatively, take a print of baby’s finger in modelling clay and create a pendant for mum to wear. It’s a great talking point as well as keeping baby close to mum’s heart when they’re apart.
If your baby is a wriggler and doesn’t stay still long enough for a clay print to be taken, create a hand or foot-print using paint in mum’s favourite colour. Add the date and have the print framed for mum to display at home. Young children in particular find it fascinating that they were once so tiny!

Say it with flowers

For some women, flowers are the way to their heart. Red carnations are the traditional flower for Mother’s day if she hasn’t a favourite flower that you know she will love. If you want something more long-lasting, an artificial orchid is a gift that will brighten up a room and won’t take any effort to keep alive. Or choose a piece of jewellery that combines flowers in the design that can become a family heirloom.


It’s easy to run into the local store and pick up a box of chocolates from the Mother’s Day aisle. However, if you’re going to get chocolate, get chocolate worth eating. Chocolates with champagne or favourite filling are a treat she will enjoy. Let her share them if she wants, but let her eat them all if she wishes!

Let her sleep!

You might think that the first Mother’s Day is the one day on the calendar where mum wants to with her baby. For many, it’s quite the opposite, she may feel quite oppressed by the responsibilities of being a mother and wondering where her childcare free life has gone! Let her sleep through to lunchtime and take care of all the chores. If you do want to celebrate with wider family, arrange this for later in the afternoon, giving her a chance to relax and prepare for meeting up later.

Write her a card

Pen your genuine thoughts to the new mum. This has much more value than a standard Hallmark card bought at the last minute and just signed. Let her know how proud you are of her role as a new mum, that you appreciate that it’s tiring and stressful, but that you admire her patience, love and tolerance. Tell her that you love her.


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