Top Ideas for Mother’s Day Gifts – Get Creative

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Mother’s Day is fast approaching and it’s time for you to get your skates on and find her the perfect gift. Everyone agrees that mums deserve a day that is specially for them. After all they spend so much time taking care of others that they often forget about themselves. Don’t get caught unawares this coming Mother’s Day, because let’s face it there are tons of things that can get in the way. Flowers are an excellent fall back idea, but don’t you think you’ve done that gift idea to death? They are an excellent idea if money is short, but there are a whole load of creative Mother’s Day gifts that won’t cost a single penny.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas For the Less Creative

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Creative Mother’s Day Gifts that Won’t Cost the Earth

Mum’s aren’t on the whole high maintenance. They aren’t looking for flashy and expensive gifts. All they want is to be appreciated and loved for all the hard work they put in. So here’s a few ways you can make your mum feel special, without dipping into your wallet this year.

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  • Kind words of thanks – don’t forget to tell your mum how much you love her, and recognise the important part she’s played in your life. A few words of affection won’t cost a single penny, but the reward is too big to be measured.
  • Clean out and polish her car – clear out all those candy and junk food wrappers you’ve left and after a wash and a polish she’ll be left with a car to be proud of.
  • Make her dinner – her day couldn’t start better than bringing her breakfast in bed. A couple of warm pastries and freshly brewed cup of coffee, or some other breakfast delight that you know she’ll love. But don’t stop there with your culinary gifts, a tasty lunch and three course dinner will round the day off nicely.
  • Accompany her on a walk – you’ve probably turned down her request for company when taking a stroll many times. This Mother’s Day surprise her by asking her first. A morning stroll in the local park, enjoying the spring sunshine, is a great way to spend a couple of hours.
  • Enjoy a movie night together – take her out to the local cinema, or enjoy a DVD at home. Be prepared though because you’re going to have to let her choose the film, and you might have to fork out for popcorn.
  • Create some IOUs – these are a great way to pay her back for all the love and attention she’s given to you. Include some of those boring chores you know she hates doing such as vacuuming, doing the dishes and washing the laundry. And the great thing about this gift is that the coupons can be used throughout the year – spreading the enjoyment even further.

Creative Mother’s Day Gifts for Kids to Make

While your kids are very likely to come home with a handmade gift for Mother’s Day, there’s nothing wrong with having a go at home too. Any mom will be only too happy to receive arms full of handmade gifts from her kids.

  • Handmade Cards – printing is a very easy but effective way of jazzing up a card. Using tempera paints and Q-tips you can create a wealth of bright, colorful and cheery Mother’s Day cards. One for mum, one for grandma, aunties, sisters, teachers and friends can all be included.
  • DIY vase – all you need is a suitable container, and then you can stick on it what you like. How about tree branches stuck around the outside, or a wrap of cork? Sea shells, beads, buttons, even candy. An adult will have to help because it will involve using a hot glue gun, but the ideas for the covering will come from the kids.
  • Bookmark – if your mum hasn’t yet taken on a Kindle, give her a bookmark to help keep her page. They can be made out of card or material, and with some pretty decoration will be more than welcome to grace the pages of any book. On one side the kids can write the word mother in as many languages as possible, and on the other decorate it with some bling.
  • Homemade spa – after a long hard day, there’s nothing a mum likes more than relaxing in the bath. Transform the bathroom into her own personal spa. Make some fragrant and relaxing bath salts, and you might find she locks herself in there for hours.

Tips on Giving Creative Mother’s Day Gifts

  • If the gift comes from your heart you really can’t go wrong
  • Mums prefer homemade gifts because they clearly show your affection
  • Any gift is better if you keep it a surprise
  • Find a gift that you know she’ll like, or it will end up in a drawer all forgotten and forlorn
  • Homemade gifts are better if accompanied by a homemade card

Mother’s Day is a day for celebrating the love and care that women happily give to those they love. Show how much you appreciate all that they’ve done by being creative and giving such a special lady a gift that she’ll treasure for many years to come.