Celebrate in a Traditional Way – Mother’s Day in Canada

Mother’s Day is celebrated around the world, but not all countries hold the celebration on the same day. Like America, Canada celebrates Mother’s Day on the second Sunday in May. As with many other countries it is a day meant to honor mothers and appreciate all they do. Not just for their own family, but in society as a whole as well. Across the globe sales of flowers spike, stores sell tons of chocolate, and the card manufacturers make an absolute bomb. We’re not saying there’s anything wrong with that. The difficulty for us comes when we’re faced with the same old generic Mother’s Day gifts.

You mom is special, not just to you, but others as well. Doesn’t she deserve something a little different? This was one of the reasons this website was started. To help people find something different to give to their moms. And to suggest ways the day can be made more meaningful, for everyone concerned.

Gifts for mothers in Canada

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Second only to Valentines and Christmas – Canadians love to show their moms how much they care

Are you looking for some great ideas for a Canadian Mother’s Day gift? Do you think she’s going to be impressed with chocolates, or flowers for the third year in a row? She’ll smile of course, and say it’s just what she wanted. But listen closely, because her enthusiasm is sadly lacking. We’re not saying mom’s are easy to buy for, but come on, another box of chocolates? Didn’t you give her chocolates for Christmas and her birthday too? So what are you supposed to do? Keep reading because we’ve got a few ideas on what mom really wants. Take heed of our advice and the day will be one to remember. At least until next year when you get to do it all again.

How to make your mom’s Mother’s Day truly special

    • canada-mothers-dayStart making plans early – Mother’s Day is a day when all your attention should be focused on your mum. From the moment the sun rises, to the time she decides to go to bed. Think back over the previous year and try and remember something she’s mentioned. If you were better organized you would have made a note of them so you didn’t forget. When you were out shopping together did she express a desire to own something in particular? Was there a painting that caught her eye? When you were watching TV together did she express a need for a vacation? There is no excuse for not remembering. Have you got a smartphone with a notebook? Do you know how to use a pen and paper? Adding items throughout the year to a list of options, or jotting down your gift thoughts as they come, will mean you’ve lots of options as Mother’s Day draws near.
    • Pamper her or let her relax – There are plenty of times to show your appreciation but this one is meant just for her. It’s time for you to give her the opportunity to relax. Either with a manicure, pedicure, facial or any other relaxing treatment. This is the time she should be concentrating on herself and what makes her happy will be a perfect way to spend the day. If your mom isn’t really a beauty treatment kind of gal, then make sure she gets some time alone, a few hours of real me time. Buy her favourite DVDs, get her some books, or a stack of magazines. Then tell her she has to put her feet up and not worry about a thing. All day! If she’s still got kids at home then take them away for the day, or have the grandparents look after them. There aren’t any better gifts than being given the day off from being mum.

canada mothers day gift ideas

  • Tailor your gift around what she likes – A great way to show your mum how much you care is by tailoring your gift around something she likes, or dislikes. For example, if she hates weeding the garden then surprise her by doing the chore for her. If she loves to shop then take her to the Mall and spend the day treating her.
  • Mother’s Day is for all moms, not only yours – If you’ve got the time think about all the other moms you might know. Some of them might not have a partner to take special care of them this Mother’s Day. Why not send her a card? Or give her a quick phone call, and wish her ‘Happy Mother’s Day’. Do you have a friend you can help out by taking care of her kids for a few hours? Or hire a babysitter and take her out for lunch, a walk in the park, or for coffee. It’s sure to make her day.


The idea behind Mother’s Day in Canada and across the globe, is to let moms know how much we all love them, and how much we appreciate everything they’ve done throughout the year. Let her know this and it will be the best gift ever.