The Origins of Mother’s Day

Today, ‘Mother’s Day’ is celebrated in most countries with presents and special attention to mother’s from their families, friends and loved ones. This is not how Mother’s were always honoured. Spiritual Origins of Mother’s Day In ancient times, societies celebrated Goddesses and symbols of motherhood, rather than actual mothers. These celebrations were highly symbolic with … Read more

Mother’s Day Gifts

All mum’s love a home-made Mother’s Day card (without glitter please) from their young children inscribed with words that say how much she means to them. A hand written letter from older children sharing love and gratitude are also treasured even if you’re a nonagenarian with a little box full of 70+ Mother’s Day missives. … Read more

First Mother’s Day

A woman’s first Mother’s Day is a day for her to be joyful and proud to have brought a new baby into the world. She will also be exhausted. So, for her first Mother’s Day the baby’s father, other close relatives and friends can arrange celebrations for the new mother. Pamper mum with flowers, cards … Read more