10 Ideas For Father’s Planning Mother’s Day Celebrations

If your children are too young to organise Mother’s Day celebrations, it’s your responsibility as their dad to plan a day that celebrates the work, love, patience and tolerance shown by your children’s mother. Ensure your diary is free on the day as you’ll be busy since you have to remember to celebrate your own mother on this day too. It won’t be appreciated if you’ve booked to play golf with your buddy on Mother’s Day.

Whilst many choose to take mum out for a meal, an over-crowded restaurant or an inflated bill may deter you from that idea. Breakfast in bed might be more stressful than relaxing with little people around. If you’re looking for something more original than flowers and a card from the store here are ten ideas to celebrate your children’s mother:

1. Leave mum alone

mothers day giftTake the children to the park, to a movie or another activity for a couple of hours at least so that mum has has free time to do what she wants. She may want to have a long soak in the bath without interruption, to sleep or be able to drink a full cup of coffee whilst it’s still hot or to eat chocolate without little fingers helping themselves. Do not call or text her. Leave her in peace for this ultra-mini vacation.

2. Plan an activity with mum

If mother wants to spend time doing an activity with the children, plan a craft activity for them or some simple baking. Your role as dad is to get everything ready and to clean up afterwards. If you want ideas for simple craft and baking activities for children have a look online. If you have older children, ask them to think of ideas you can all enjoy.

3. A Spa day

Make an appointment for mother to have some professional pampering at her favourite spa. A massage, seaweed wrap, manicure or pedicure will be both relaxing and rejuvenating.

4. Plan a picnic

If the weather is good, plan a picnic at a local beauty spot with her favourite food that the children can help you prepare. If, on the day, the weather isn’t so good, have the picnic at home with you all sitting round the blanket on your living room floor.

5. Make a Mother’s Day card

It cannot be stressed how important it is for mum’s to read words of appreciation for what must be one of the most challenging jobs in the world. Put some thought into telling her how much she is loved and appreciated and add words from the children. Ask children simply ‘what do you love most about mummy’ and add that to the card, do not amend what they say. They may surprise you, or make you laugh. She will love it.

6. A long, hot bath

Running around after the children is a tiring job. There’s not many times that mum has a chance to really relax without interruption. When the child is having a nap, or for older children you can put on a movie for them, run a hot bubble bath for your partner, with candles, a glass of wine, soft music and a locked door.

happy mothers day7. A surprise lunch date with her best friend

Make it a Mother’s Day surprise for two by conspiring with her best friend’s family to go out for a meal. Whilst they are away chatting and catching up, get the children to help you clean the house.

8.Visit a farm

Spring is a great time to see newborn lambs, calves and foals. Most farms are happy to welcome visitors. If the closest farm is too far away, visit an animal shelter. There are some animal centres that invite children in to regularly read to the dogs. It’s good company for the animals and a good way to improve your child’s reading abilities.

9.Take the kids grocery shopping.

Go to the store with the children to buy the ingredients for mum’s special lunch or baking surprise. Take a list and leave mum to enjoy some free time to do what she wants at home. She’ll appreciate the effort, particularly if you’ve had to deal with a tantrum in the cookie aisle.

10.Let her sleep in.

Unplug any alarm you have by the bed, leave her a note and some hand-picked flowers and sneak out with the kids for a few hours in the morning. Three words: Best. Gift. Ever.


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